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Pêra Rocha for your Health

Pêra Rocha for your Health 5
Pêra Rocha for your Health 6
A Pêra Rocha para a Saúde

Pêra Rocha for your Health

The pear variety that we know today as “Pêra Rocha do Oeste”, was born more than 180 years ago.

The story begins in the year 1836. The owner of the Fazenda da Rocha, Mr. Pedro António Rocha discovered on his property a pear tree different from the others. The variety was eventually named after him.

Known for its yellowish and light green skin, hard but juicy white pulp, Pêra Rocha is a Portuguese symbol to recognize, not only for its flavor, but also for its nutritional properties.

Meet our Pêra Rocha Jam.

Discover what this fantastic Portuguese variety can do for your health:

1. Rich in fibers

Pêra Rocha is a source of dietary fiber, which contributes to the better functioning of the digestive system. This variety of pear can provide 24% of the recommended daily fiber intake.

2. Water content

It has a high-water content so it is a diuretic fruit, which helps to eliminate excess fluids and reduce swelling. The consumption of this fruit helps to increase satiety, so it can be used for those looking to maintain or lose weight.

3. Cardiovascular health

As it is rich in potassium, the consumption of this variety of pear helps in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, low blood pressure, lower cholesterol and also helps to purify the blood.

4. Antioxidant Power

The skin of this fruit has high levels of flavonoids and phenolic acid, which act as antioxidants that fight the degenerative actions caused by free radicals in the body.

5. Healthy eyes and skin

The presence of Vitamin A in its properties, makes pear an excellent food for maintaining good eyesight and healthy skin.

Recipes you don’t want to miss

Pêra Rocha is a fresh, juicy fruit with an incredible flavor, but for those who don’t like its natural flavor, you can use it on the basis of smoothies, porridge, pancakes, traditional jams like ours from Pêra Rocha or in a bolder version with the addition of Port Wine. You can also use this fruit in delicious desserts like this recipe of Phyllo Pastry Pillow with Pear & Port Wine Jam. See these and other delicious recipes here.

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