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The 3 benefits of Fig-Leaf Squash you should know

The 3 benefits of Fig-Leaf Squash you should know 5
The 3 benefits of Fig-Leaf Squash you should know 6
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The 3 benefits of Fig-Leaf Squash you should know

Very different from the traditional orange pumpkin that we are used to see, the Fig-Leaf Squash, as it is well known in Portugal, is a type of pumpkin with a greenish and white color on the outside and inside it has a white pulp and black seeds.

Meet our Fig-Leaf Traditional Jam.

How to use Fig-Leaf Squash

This pumpkin has been very appreciated mainly for its use in the pastry, specially to create pies, pastries and other highly appreciated cakes. Since it is not a very easy food to cut and use, the Fig-Leaf Squash jam is an excellent base for dessert recipes.

The 3 Benefits You Should Know

Fig-Leaf Squash is a source of vitamin A and C, essential to the immune system and in the metabolization of iron, as well as vitamins E and the B complex.
If you are not very familiar with this pumpkin, find out what makes it an excellent ally for your health.

1. Helps to control sugar levels

Fig-Leaf Squash is a food with the ability to control the level of sugar in the blood, and it can be useful to prevent diabetes.

2. Protects the digestive system

As it is a rich food in dietary fiber, its regular consumption contributes to the better functioning of the digestive system.

3. Stronger bone health

As a source of calcium, Fig-Leaf Squash can be a great ally for maintaining bone health. It can also provide the body with minerals that contribute to the prevention of bone fracture.

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