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Natura Jams

We believe that people have right to foods full of flavor, but as natural as possible.

The true essence of fruit

We know that it takes time, but with the patience and care that farmers put in their harvests, Nature surprises us with the purest ingredients, full of flavor, which allow us to create real foods.

To create our jams, we keep our inspiration on traditional recipes and respect for the fruit, but now in a version as healthy and natural as possible.

That’s why we’ve created Natura – jams without added cane sugar, without coloring, without preservatives, containing only fruit in their ingredients so that you can enjoy the true essence of fruit.

A guilt free pleasure

Natura jams only contain fruit in their ingredients, which make them a healthier option for those who are looking to enjoy a delicious fruit jam, but at the same time, reduce the refined sugars on their meals.

Our secret

Natura jams don’t contain artificial ingredients. To create our jams, we only use what you normally find in your own kitchen.
The secret of our Natura jams is the use of concentrated fruit juice, a completely natural sweetener that comes from the fruit. So, you can enjoy a delicious, natural and healthier jam.