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Perfect for Cheese Jams 1

Perfect for Cheese Jams

If there are perfect combinations, then cheese with jam is certainly one.

Thinking on the passionate for the best cheeses, we created unique combinations that would enhance all the flavor of the cheese.

Our team developed combinations of fruits and spices for each type of cheese, creating jams perfect to pair with intense, rich and salty cheeses.

Unlikely Combinations

There are four flavors available: Pumpkin and Chestnut jam – Perfect for Parmesan cheese; Wild Berries and Vanilla Jam – Perfect for Goat Cheese; Fig, Orange and Anise Jam – Perfect for Roquefort cheese; and finally, Apple, Raisin and Cinnamon Jam – Perfect for Manchego cheese.

Surprise friends and family before a meal with some delicious cheese and jam appetizers or, for those who have little time, but still need to impress with irresistible appetizers, you can also create your own cheese board. Discover here all our suggestions and recipes.

Perfect for Cheese Jams 2
Perfect for Cheese Jams 3
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