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Serra da Estrela Mountain 1

What inspires us

Serra da Estrela is a charming region not only for its natural landscape, but for its unique customs and flavors, which inspire us on a daily basis to produce the authentic flavors that represent this land of ours.

Serra da Estrela Mountain 2

Serra da Estrela Mountain 3

Serra da Estrela Mountain 4

The Mountain

Iconic for its ‘white clothes’ during the winter season and for the breathtaking natural landscapes, Serra da Estrela is a symbol of our country.

At first, we are attracted by the unique beauty of the impressive mountainous slopes where we can intensely live the silence from the heights. But Serra da Estrela, besides its evident beauty, is the representation of a unique culture, history and gastronomy.

As we grew up in the heart of Serra da Estrela, what we experienced was always authentic flavors and we believe that everyone should be able to experience the same.

Therefore, we are inspired by the flavors, traditions and nature of this region to create unique products that can also inspire you.

Serra da Estrela Mountain 5