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Health benefits of Quince

Health benefits of Quince 5
Health benefits of Quince 6
Health benefits of Quince 7

Health benefits of Quince

Quince is a rounded and yellow fruit, very similar to pear. It is one of the few edible fruits that are not consumed raw, as it has a very hard and rough pulp, with a bitter taste.

This fruit has several advantages, since it is rich in vitamin A, C, B and E complex, malic acid, pectins, minerals such as potassium, iron and copper.

It is thanks to the quince that we have the opportunity to enjoy the tasty Quince Paste, a very Portuguese delicacy made with love by Quinta de Jugais.

In addition to the Traditional Quince Paste, take the opportunity to get to know our Quince Paste with Walnut or the original and delicious Quince Paste with Reineta Apple. We also have another recent novelty: Organic Quince Paste.

Discover 4 benefits that quince can bring to your health:

1. Relieves symptoms of sore throat

Because it has vitamin C, antiseptic, antispasmodic and calming properties, or quince is indicated to treat sore throats, thrush and other inflammations. To enhance this treatment, use the quince in the form of tea.

2. Excellent ally for combating physical and mental exhaustion

As such, it can also be indicated for the treatment of burnout syndrome.

3. Contributions to the reduction of LDL cholesterol

Because it is a fruit with a large amount of concentrated soluble fibers and because it has its pectin composition, the consumption of auxiliary quince reduces bad cholesterol.

4. Gum problems

It has an emollient action, which improves and soothes the inflamed skin or mucous membranes. It also helps in the treatment of thrush.

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