Quinta de Jugais’ journey started with a simple passion: the richness of flavors from Serra da Estrela.
That is our passion, that on daily basis has led our dream of being able to take people our region’s charm through traditional products with an authentic taste.

The Authentic Taste of Fruit

Our commitment is to create only the most natural options. For that, we only count with the best fruits, that give its true taste to our jams.

We do not include artificial ingredients during the production process, as we believe that we can offer quality products, but in the most natural way possible so that everyone can experience the authenticity of the fruit.

We want our jams to inspire breakfasts, snacks, desserts and make these little moments of your day happier, healthier and more natural.

Our ambition today, tomorrow and every day will be to produce top quality jams, free from artificial additives, and with incredible taste, having as basis sustainable methods that respect nature and our planet.

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