Our Diference

Experiência nos Cabazes de Natal

More than 15 years of experience

Through these years, experience led us to perfect our knowledge in this field, so that we are able to present you memorable gifts.

Qualidade nos Cabazes de Natal

Guarantee Quality

Our team cautiously tests all the products included in our gift baskets. We want to provide you only the best flavors, which is why the quality of the selected products is extremely important to us.

Eficácia nos Cabazes de Natal

Rapidity and Efficiency

Christmas is the time we look for to show
our appreciation through a special gift.
Our team is prepared to quickly respond to any questions and
to provide you the service that best suits to your needs and to find the ideal present.

Personalização dos Cabazes de Natal


Every single client is special, which is why we present a series of options where it is possible to add your personal touch. This can be done through a customized gift basket with products selected based in your needs, or through customized objects as cardboard boxes or tea cans with your company logo or also by adding postcards with a message written by you, turning that gift basket into a one of kind.

A Gesture of Appreciation

The process inherent to the basket creation, from the selection of products to its delivery, is designed with a single purpose: to have exclusive gifts at your disposal, which are able to show the appreciation and consideration that our customers have for those who matter the most.

We would apreciate hearing your opinion

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