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Find the Camembert Cheese

Find the Camembert Cheese 2
Find the Camembert Cheese 3
Descubra o Queijo Camembert

Find the Camembert Cheese

Camembert, originally from Northwest France, is a variety of cheese known for its soft paste, covered with a thin crust of white Penicillium mold.
The story tells that Camembert was first made in 1791 by a farmer who lived in the city of Camembert and who followed the teachings of a priest who came from the Brie region. Hence this cheese bears some resemblance to Brie cheese.
Although it was only really known in 1890, when an engineer created his own wooden box to transport this cheese and export it to other countries.
As an easy-to-maintain product, Camembert was sent to French troops during the First World War, thus becoming one of the great symbols of French culture.

Our Fig, Orange and Anise Jam is perfect to enjoy with Camembert Cheese.

How this cheese is made

Camembert is a cheese made from cow’s milk, to which the rennet is added, allowing the mixture to coagulate. Later it is cut and transferred to the traditional cylindrical molds. Then it is salted and enriched with yeast. The cheese is covered with a thin white rind.

The cheese is turned either every six or twelve hours to allow the whey to drain evenly. Finally, it is cured for 15 days in the drying room so that the dough reaches its full flavor.

The unique taste of Camembert

The production of this cheese is based on cow’s milk. It is known for its velvety white crust, of white Penicillium mold. The texture of Camembert is very soft and has a rich and buttery flavor, and can also acquire slightly spicy and acidic traces.

Tips on how to cut

In order to enjoy the full flavor of your Camembert, it is recommended to remove it from the refrigerator about 30 minutes before serving, that is, to serve it at room temperature. For this type of cheese choose a butter knife or pate, since it is a soft cheese.

Discover the perfect combination for your Camembert

Camembert is a delicious pure cheese, breaded or melted and used in bruschettas, fried or baked with a string of honey and served with nuts. The peel must not be removed.
If you are looking for an unlikely, yet delicious combination, you should try this cheese with our delicious Fig, Orange and Anise jam.