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Discover the irresistible Goat Cheese

Discover the irresistible Goat Cheese 2
Discover the irresistible Goat Cheese 3
Discover the irresistible Goat Cheese 4

Discover the irresistible Goat Cheese

Goat cheese is a very appreciated not only in Portugal but at almost all over the world. Although there are several types of this cheese, in common to all is the production using goat’s milk. Each producer adds his personal touch to the production of goat cheese, which is why there are so many varieties and flavors that differ between them.

Our Wild Berries and Vanilla Jam it is perfect to enjoy with Goat Cheese.

Goat’s milk is widely used in the creation of several mix cheeses. The several types of goat cheese differ on to their maturation time: if they are young, they are softer and have a sweeter taste, while if they are more maturated, they end up being drier and their taste will be more bitter and intense.

We can say that the main varieties of goat cheese are the ones we list below:

1. Camembert de chèvre

We all know the famous Camembert cheese. Although the original version is made with cow’s milk, there is also the version made with goat’s milk, which is why is called Camembert de chèvre.

Known for its soft texture, intense flavor and consistent white rind, it is a delicious cheese to cut into slices and eaten with toasts and fruit jam, but it is also delicious after placed in the oven and served with a drizzle of honey.

2. Bûche

This is a soft cheese, with a creamy texture, sweet slightly spicy and with ivory white color, produced from pasteurized goat’s milk.

This cheese melts easily, so it can be an excellent choice for bruschettas, pizzas or hot salads. However, it is also excellent over warm bread and spread with jam or chutney.

3. Rocamadour

This cheese, named after the French city Rocamadour, is made from raw goat milk, which is left to curdle for at least 20 hours, at a minimum temperature of 18º degrees. The curd is drained and then pressed and salted in the dough, then placed by hand in individual molds or traditional plates. The minimum maturation period is 6 days, but can last up to 15 days.

The end result is a cheese that can be creamy dry or very dry, covered with a thin ivory white crust. Goes well with wines, fruit jams and egg recipes.

4. Cured goat cheese

Besides French-style goat cheeses, there is also traditional Portuguese cured goat cheese, such as transmontano goat cheese. For the production of this cheese is used goat’s milk from a breed typical from this region, salt and rennet. The minimum cure time is about 60 days. The end result is a hard to semi-hard cheese, with a whitish color, intense flavor and slightly salty. Goes well with homemade bread, jam, wines and chorizo.

How to use your Goat Cheese

Cheese is a very versatile food in the kitchen, as it can be used for delicious salads, appetizers, desserts or delicious entrees to surprise friends and family. Take the opportunity to see our video of the recipe for Goat Cheese Tartlets with Forest Fruit Jam and Vanilla.
For those looking for an irresistible combination, we recommend to accompany it with the Perfect Jam for Fig, Orange and Anise Cheese. The intense flavor of Beira Baixa cheese is perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the fig, the acidity of the orange and the intensity of the anise.

At the next dinner with your friends you can also opt for a simple and delicious cheese board, ready in 5 minutes and excellent for socializing before the main course. See our suggestion for a cheese board here.

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