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7 Benefits of Tomato

7 Benefits of Tomato 5
7 Benefits of Tomato 6
7 Benefits of Tomato 7

7 Benefits of Tomato.

Despite being often mistaken for a vegetable and prepared as such, the truth is that tomato is included in the fruit category.

Known for its slightly sweet taste, its acidity and in most cases, its red color – although it may have other colors – tomatoes are a versatile food for cooking, and can be used as a base for savory dishes, pulps, juices, sauces and jams.

Discover the 7 benefits of this delicious fruit and why you should include it in your meals.

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1. Protects the heart

Rich in antioxidants, tomatoes help to maintain healthy blood vessels. The presence of vitamin C and lycopene, two substances that have an antioxidant action, promote the transport of oxygen in the blood and improve blood flow.

2. Regulates blood pressure

Lycopene, Vitamin C and other antioxidants present help to improve the health of the cardiovascular system. However, potassium also plays a key role, as it is a mineral that helps to regulate blood pressure.

3. Healthy skin

Eating tomatoes frequently, helps to maintain healthy skin, to minimize enlarged pores, treat acne and rashes or treat minor burns.

4. Prevents eye problems

Besides being rich in vitamin A and C, tomato is also rich in beta-carotenes, which are nutrients that help maintain eye health and prevent the risk of developing cataracts.

5. Anti-inflammatory action

Regular consumption of tomato can have an anti-inflammatory action, since it is composed of anti-inflammatory agents such as bioflavonoids and carotenoids, which in turn helps to reduce inflammation and relieve the pain of chronic diseases.

6. Bone Health

The presence of vitamin K and calcium makes tomatoes an ally for bone and dental health, contributing to their protection. Vitamin K also helps prevent osteoporosis.

7. Helps prevent some types of cancer

Since tomatoes are a source of lycopene and vitamins A and C, it helps to reduce the risk of prostate, colorectal and stomach cancer.

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